Creative Brick Ownership

Alex Ketty photograph

ALEX | Owner - Creative Director

Alex is a well versed field expert in the area of all encompassing construction and landscape construction endeavors. As indicative of his unsurpassed and seasoned track record, Alex has profoundly established himself as Southeast Michigan’s creative connoisseur, evident in the finest estates and many landmark homes the state has to offer, and attested to by a recognized name of clients residing within state walls.

One interface meeting or sit down with Alex and it is easy to see why his visionary skills and Creative ideas can transform your home into a dwelling of your dreams. Following a meeting with Alex, do not be surprised if your random walls become an enchanting waterfalls, or an unused dormant space in your home showcases an Asian garden, or the your wooded deck is diagrammed for heated stone flooring and custom glass casing.

John Ketty photograph

JOHN | Owner - Operations Manager

With more than 20 years of multi-faceted structural, foundational, and distinguished design experience, John is a prized practitioner and rather esteemed figure in the Southeast Michigan’s construction landscape arena. John boasts a clientele list that includes a high society following of local area CEOs, distinguished circles of doctor elites, professional athletes, and other recognized celebrity personalities.

His reputation precedes him as spirit of endless energy, yet his client care and sensitivity to absolute satisfaction symbolize why his company has catapulted to new levels of demand and sheer delight of his finished product. A drive by of this area’s finest homes will find you viewing a Creative Brick sign from front yard to front yard, as a testament to the work quality John prides himself on. John’s ability to target the perfect fit, is a skill set he possesses that is coupled with his supreme sense of creativity.